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The Non–Breaking Space

Hello, my name is Rowan Lewis, I’m a web developer and standards enthusiast currently living in Brașov, Romania but originally from the middle of nowhere, or Australia as it’s more commonly called.

You can find me on Twitter but more importantly on GitHub. The real adventurous types can find me in #reactphp channel on Freenode.

You can’t tell me “PHP hasn’t changed”

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The picture that many developers have of PHP is one of a barely useful OOP stack with a heap of oddly functions and a bunch of cruft like Magic Quotes just waiting to ruin your day if you don’t go out of your way to turn the damned thing off.

A deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament

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A dirty and rusting three level arena with a garden feature. This map gives you lots of room, but also provides plenty of cover and plenty of vertical space.

A quick look at early colour cinematography

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A quick look at the early history of colour cinematography, from two colours to three. And why is everything black and white?

StringParser, your guide to sanity

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Let me show you how to parse complex strings without completely loosing your mind.

A public Doccy API

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A simple public API for processing Doccy formatted text over HTTP.

You should really start namespacing your PHP

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Namespaces have been usable since PHP 5.3, that’s a whole two and a bit years in which your code could’ve been a whole lot neater.

Doccy, a “mid–weight” markup language

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Doccy is a new “mid–weight” markup language, it sits somewhere between Markdown and plain old HTML.